De La Cruz Construction is known for performing quality work at very affordable prices, and has been doing so for the last 20 years. We are very versatile in the services we provide and take pride in our work, from the initial design, to the finishing details. Below are the areas we specialize in.

Kitchen and Bath

We specialize in complete kitchen and bathroom remodels with modern finishes such as custom cabinets, solid granite countertops, natural stone tile, and accent lighting and plumbing fixtures to properly fit any style of home or customer request. The majority of our work is done “in house”, which enables us to offer a high quality product at a very competitive price. It also allows for a level of comfort when working in customer’s homes. We are able to keep familiar faces working on your home, rather than different waves of sub-contractors. DeLaCruz Construction realizes the inconvenience of having your home worked on and strives to keep it a reasonably enjoyable experience, by performing our work in a tidy and timely manner. We offer a long list of references and a gallery of previous work, displaying our experience in the field and our finish products, so that you can rest assured that you are getting quality work done in a professional manner.


De La Cruz Construction has helped many families with insurance rebuilds or repairs such as: fire damage, water damage, vandalism, etc… Dealing with your insurance company can be an intimidating and lengthy process, but DeLaCruz Construction tries to ease the burden by taking the time to sit down and explain the process from start to finish. Then takes the reigns and helps to get you all that you are entitled to, in getting your property back to new. We, not only, offer the knowledge and skill to rebuilding your damaged property, but we also offer the experience and “know how” to help guide you through the insurance process.

Commercial Services

De La Cruz Construction also offers a long list of experience in commercial services such as: tenant improvements, new business’s, industrial site work, etc… We can transform a previous business suite or building to suit your new business needs, or start from scratch. Whether it be, transforming a previous restaurant into a new salon, building a complete new restaurant, building a new metal shop for your business, or just giving your business a whole new makeover, we have done and can do it. With our own “in house” crews, we can make the construction part of starting your new business simple. By only having to deal with one company from start to finish and knowing the work is being done right.


De La Cruz Construction takes pride in enhancing your home’s look and usage. With our keen sense of modern style and quality of work, we can turn dated rooms or complete homes from an older style into a new custom look. With new texture, paint, flooring, lighting, and custom touches, we can make your home new. We also can design and build a beautiful custom patio to accent your homes current layout and provide a nice shaded area for summer outdoor activities or protection from the elements during winter. If you simply need square footage, we do that as well. We can work with you to design a game room, garage, or room addition that would best fit your needs and home, while making sure that cost is always kept within your budget is used to its full potential.

Property Maintenance

Due to the experience in all the fields, mentioned above, DeLaCruz Construction provides maintenance services, as well. Ranging from plumbing issues, electrical troubleshooting, termite damage, roofing, and all repairs related to rental properties. We provide professional and prompt service to all emergency service calls, and make all repairs with quality materials and workmanship. We believe in fixing a problem right, the first time.

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